100 YEARS OF TECHNOLOGY that is still failing...

It has been over 100 years, and we are still heating water with metal heating elements. And after 100 years... They still corrode! 

Since 1927, over 80 years we haver been heating water in tubes using Metal heating elements in the tankless water heater.

Typical electric water heaters utilize metallic heating elements that will heat a tank full of water from the inside. Electricity is used during the day and night to maintain the temperature of the water whether you are using it or not. In all the electronic tankless designs, water flows past similar metal heating coils to produce the on-demand hot water, rather than keeping it stored. But the concept is the same.

When metal elements are implemented into an on-demand boiler the biggest problem is that only the water in direct contact or the immediate vicinity is heated; this can reduce flow rates considerably to achieve hot water, increase the electricity.

As the water corrodes the metals, the tanks ability to make new connections to heat the water is diminished. Anode rods will need to be replaced, heating elements will break, and sediment will need to be removed. This is why hot water tanks must be de-scaled every few months to ensure optimum effectiveness and routine maintenance can be costly, and without upkeep, the system could potentially stop working.


What is Far Infrared Ray Technology?

Far infrared heating technology has been developed by NASA for decades, and quartz tubes are used for various high temperature applications. Infrared works at a molecular level and IR Quartz Coilless Technology is the only hot water generator in the world to take advantage of this.

Water is a cluster of 5 to 12 water molecules (H2O). When such cluster of water molecules is stimulated by far infrared rays, the molecular water movement is activated due to resonance absorption and the number of water molecules forming the cluster is decreased, leading to activation of water.

If far infrared rays of about 10㎛, equivalent to the oscillatory wavelength range of water molecule, are irradiated, the resonance absorption occurs, leading to the decrease of clusters and faster movement of water molecules. In other words, the water is activated.

Our Solution for current Water Heater

Now, we are abled through a patented process of combining carbon coating heating element technology on quartz tubes to generate far infrared energy to heat water and amplifies far infrared energy inside the quartz tube. As a result of this activation and infrared energy can heat the excited molecules on an individual basis ensuring the water is thoroughly heated at an accelerated rate and this process heats the tubes to over 200°F of (100°C) in a matter of seconds and heats the water without ever touching..This allows iR Quartz Tankless is operating at higher flow rates. 

iR Quartz Tankless systems energize your water with quartz infrared energy that creates heat without requiring direct contact of metal for heating with the water. Only the water you use is heated. Without water sitting, we’ve minimized your chances of bacteria and algae accumulating in the water.

The result is a self-cleaning product that can run for 20 years or more of continuous operation. Safe Recovery mode isolates any issues so that hot water is still provided, at reduced capacity.

No more routine flushing to maintain some level of the efficiency of existing tankless water heaters and since you don’t have to replace the heating elements periodically, it will save you both time and money!


  • No Corrosion
  • No Calcium Deposits (ideal for hard water areas)
  • Environmentally Free
  • Superior Heating Efficiency
  • Operational Longevity
  • No Venting Required
  • Recyclable Materials


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