The World’s First Infrared Tankless Water Heater Saves Money, Lasts Longer and is Completely Maintenance Free

IR GREEN QUARTZ LLC. has introduced the world’s first infrared tankless water heater. This is a revolutionary product that does not make use of metallic coils to heat water. Instead, they use quartz heating elements and infrared light to produce instant hot water.

“Conventional water heaters use metallic coils to heat water. This can corrode over time and cause deposits that affect efficiency. Over time, conventional water heaters lose energy efficiency and take longer to heat water,” says a spokesperson for the Florida based infrared tankless hot water heater manufacturing company.

But SuperGreen products use quartz elements and heat water using infrared lights. They use a patented technology that keeps water and the carbon components separate. Users do not have to worry about metal corrosion, making the product last up to 4 times longer than normal heaters. Additionally, SuperGreen is designed to reduce limescale deposits and soften the water.

SuperGreen heats only when required; when not in use, it doesn’t heat. This system is unlike a normal hot water heater where it has to keep the water hot constantly. The thermo sensor, the flow sensor attached to the heating elements and the fuzzy logic allow the machine to draw only the required power to maintain the desired temperature.

As for safety, Supergreen makes use of fuzzy logic to monitor if the machine is safe to use when switched on. The water heats only after the safe-to-use check is indicated. Besides, fuzzy logic also allows users to set desired temperature.

“A typical family of four can save around $500 every year of heating costs on showers alone. And commercial users switching from gas can save around $700 per year. Not to mention, money saved on maintenance and product life,” adds the spokesperson.

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