Wonder why your energy bill increases lately?

Wonder why your energy bill increases lately? Read this:

The fact is the 17% of an average home's electricity goes to heating water, according to the Department of Energy. 
In just a few short years, your conventional water heater will lose its efficiency due to limescale & calcium build up, increasing the amount of energy it will draw each time you turn on the faucet. 

Because the water is heated in a tank or tankless using metal heating elements as it sits waiting to be used and that is 99% of all current water heater in the market today. 
As the water corrodes the metals, the tanks ability to make new connections to heat the water is diminished. Anode rods will need to be replaced, heating elements will break, and sediment will need to be removed. This is why the water heater must be descaled every few months to ensure optimum energy efficiency, and without upkeep, the system could potentially stop working and leak.

Now, we are able through a patented process of combining carbon coating and heating element technology on quartz tubes to generate far infrared energy to heat water and amplifies far infrared energy inside the quartz tube without direct contact with the water. Yes, you got it right, with out direct contact with the water! We have minimized your chances of bacteria and algae accumulating in the water and eliminate Corrosion, Limescale & Calcium build up. The result is a self-cleaning product that can run for 20 years or more of continuous operation.

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