Infrared Tankless Water Heater Whole House System

From small Apt/Condo to any Small/Medium/Large business.

The Commercial Infrared Tankless Water Heater:

Just about every modern business requires hot water for various uses: employee restrooms, showers and locker rooms, cleaning and sanitation routines, cooking, dishwashing, laundry, and countless other applications. The costs related to hot water can add up pretty quickly, including monthly expenses in energy costs and the periodic expense of replacing the entire hot water heater.

Now, business owners and managers have new options that can make a huge difference. iR Tankless offers a range of commercial water heaters that can reduce expenses while providing fast, reliable hot water for every business need. Virtually any business can benefit from this cutting-edge water heating technology: rental properties, offices, restaurants, hair and nail salons, boutiques, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities.



The Advantages of an IR Tankless Quartz Infrared Tankless Water Heater:

The commercial water heaters offered by iR Tankless are designed to reduce energy costs while providing excellent, reliable hot water for the entire facility. The special Quartz heating elements used in these water heaters provide a quantum leap in water heating technology, improving efficiency, reducing energy use, and adding years to the life of the unit.

In fact, iR Tankless water heaters save businesses up to 60% in water heating energy costs and last up to twice as long as conventional water heaters – up to 20 years before requiring a replacement. Depending upon your business and your water heating needs, you could save hundreds or even thousands by choosing an efficient, affordable, cost-effective iR Tankless Quartz Infrared Tankless Water Heater.

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