Infrared Tankless Water Heater Point Of Use System

Uses for the Infrared Point Of Use Water Heater:

The infrared point of use water heater is designed to be portable, light, easy to use, and very efficient. It provides reliable, fast hot water while using up to sixty percent less energy than other models. A point of use tankless water heater is perfect for situations in which you only need to heat a single water source, or when you are adding a water source that is not part of a larger water heating system.

In these cases, you need a water heater that does not take up much room, that works quickly, and that can be applied to an individual sink, bathtub, shower, or other source. An infrared point of use water heater is often used in apartments, small businesses, campers, motor homes, rental properties, offices, and additions to buildings that are not linked to the existing water heating sources.


The Advantages:

The infrared point of use tankless water heater offers many advantages over conventional water heating systems. In addition to the compact, portable design, this Quartz Infrared technology reduces bacteria and algae, preserves the life of the unit, and operates much more efficiently than other water heaters.

Conventional water heaters that have metal heating elements in a water tank eventually develop corrosion in the tank, leading to inefficiency, potential pollutants and health hazards, and eventual malfunction of the device. iR Tankless’s tankless water heaters continue to operate safely, cleanly, and efficiently for up to twice as long as standard models, saving up to sixty percent in energy costs.

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