Coilless Quartz Elements vs Old Coil Elements

SioGreen Tankless offers Space Savings, Lower Equipment Costs, Improved IAQ/No NOX, Reduced Energy Cost, Environmental Benefits, Maintenance Free Operation, Long Life-Span, Water Conditioning, Safe Recovery Mode and Recyclable Materials.




Why Tankless

Reliability Saving Safety
Endless hot water supply Saves Space No pilot
Steady temperature Saves Energy Computerized safety devices
Easy installation Saves Environment Vent-Free/No NOX


"We fully intend to work with you to cut your energy bills in HALF!"
That's right... in half!


First Hour Usage ( 15 min shower usage):

1) Metallic Electric Resistance Heating Elements with Storage (Tank type heater)

50 Gal tank storage dual elements 2 x 4.5 kW @ 1.5 GPM x 15 min = 22.5 Gallons used

(non-simultanous mode – 4.5kW heating element cycle one at a time)
Recovery Mode: 22.5 Gal @ 30GPH – 0.50 GPM/min = 45 minutes (0.75 hr x 4.5kW/h) = 3.375 kWh
Non–Simultanous Mode (4.5kWh) Total = 3,375 Watts

(simultanous mode – 9kW {2 x 4.5kW} heating elements on at same time)
Recovery Mode: 22.5 Gal @ 40GPH – 0.66 GPM/min = 34 minutes (0.57 hr x 9kWh) = 5.1 kWh
Simultanous Mode (9kWh) Total = 5,100 Watts

2) Non–Metallic Electric Quartz Infrared Heating Elements without Storage (SioGreen Tankless)

17.6 kW @ 1.5 GPM x 15 min = 22.5 Gallons used
17.6 kW @ 60°F rise x 0.25 Hour = Less modulation @ 8 kWh = 2 kWh measured
Recovery Mode: 0 Watts
Total = 2000 Watts


Example of Cost: Estimated cost per single 15 minute shower for the consumer:

1) Tank Type

Non–simultanous mode – 4.5kW heating element cycle one at a time
3.375 kWh x $0.11/ kWh = $0.37 per shower

Simultaneous mode – 9kW {2 x 4.5kW} heating elements on at same time
5.1 kWh x $0.11/ kWh = $0.56 per shower

2) SioGreen Tankless
2 kWh x $0.11/ kWh = $0.22 per shower

Energy Usage Tank(Metallic Electric Resistance Elements) vs. Tankless(Non–metallic Electric Quartz Far Infrared Elements)

Example based on DOE National KW Average of $0.09/KW.

For 15 min shower comparison:

Tank Heater (3.375kW) x $0.09 KW= $0.30/per shower
Super Green Tankless (2kW) x $.09 KW = $0.18/per shower
(Tankless cost $0.18 vs Tank type cost $0.30) = $0.12 or 60% savings per shower


The higher efficiency of the tankless quartz heater consumed 60% less energy to perform the same task. The tankless achieved a net savings of $0.12 to the consumer for a 15 min shower compared to a 4.5 kW tank heater . In addition, by simply eliminating stand–by heat loss alone, the energy consumption can often be reduced by an additional 20% to 30% when the tankless is not in use.


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